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Futurelytics’ platform leverages information hidden in Big Data by using Predictive Analytics

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All customers are not equal

Futurelytics is an automated, analytical platform that identifies the potential revenue in your existing customer base.

By connecting your data sources, such as CRM, e-commerce or mobile gaming, we will help you learn more about your customers. We rate customers, group them into actionable segments and provide marketing campaigns that are more effective based on your customers’ real behavior.

Easy Setup

We work hard to make the data connection process simple. We also use REST API, and once we have credentials added to the source systems, we pull the data automatically.

Secure Connection

The security of your data is our top priority! We never expose your data. By using SSL connections, we make sure your data is strongly encrypted and transferred safely.

Place for Your Data

Data storage and transformation happens solely in the cloud utilizing Google’s high security standards.

Secure Access to Data

Each record in our database is accessible only to a dedicated user.

What they say about us

Futurelytics’ predictive model driven recommendation engine was super easy to implement, and we found that the recommendations are 85% more likely to lead to sales.

Their behavioral segmentation gave us a fresh look at our current clients with another perspective in different consequences. It has been helping us to identify clients who changed their shopping approach towards our company, so we could react to this change adequately.

Futurelytics provides a great tool for predictive analytics. It's especially useful getting answers concerning specific customer segments from an industry expert. The ROI can be huge...