Get more from your customers

Futurelytics is an easy-to-use retention automation platform.

Turn people into repeat-buyers and increase revenue
by personalized campaigns leveraging customers’ behavior.

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Customers Customers Customers Customers
Customers Customers Customers Customers

Customers are different, yet similar

We connect to your Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, PrestaShop or another platform where you track purchase orders. You get insight into customers’ behavior via intuitive dashboards. Click and create personalized e-mail campaigns.

Our predictive models running in the background determine products each customer is most likely to purchase.

If you connect your Mailchimp, ConstantContact or another email service provider, your campaign audiences will be synced automatically. All you need to create is your branded e-mail content. Even for that you’ll get a rich set of advice and possible scenarios.

You’ll see the ROI of each campaign. Your contribution as a marketer becomes measurable and you’ll get crystal-clear justification for your marketing budget.

Easy Setup

We work hard to make the data connection process simple. We also use REST API, and once we have credentials added to the source systems, we pull the data automatically.

Secure Connection

The security of your data is our top priority! We never expose your data. By using SSL connections, we make sure your data is strongly encrypted and transferred safely.

Place for Your Data

Data storage and transformation happens solely in the cloud utilizing Google’s high security standards.

Secure Access to Data

Each record in our database is accessible only to a dedicated user.

What marketers say about us

Futurelytics have unlocked 46% more revenue from our buyers and sellers while our campaigns performance improved by 130% in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate. Campaigns have been profitable even after counting-in all generous incentives provided to our customers.

Futurelytics’ predictive model driven recommendation engine was super easy to implement, and we found that the recommendations are 85% more likely to lead to sales.

Compared to the best of our existing campaigns we have achieved 45.8% more ROI, 231% more revenue and 63% more purchases thanks to Futurelytics’ ability to find ideal audience.